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Commission? Commission!

2016-03-22 19:26:35 by Paxil

I've got ONE slot open for an NSFW commission at the moment! Anyone interested?

$25 CND for a slice of this kind of action: (OH GOD are those links ever NSFW, be warned!)

You'll be getting a coloured digital painting of whomever you like--copyrighted character or not-- in my style. Two characters is OK, but please, no more than the pair (sorry, fans of the threesome!) Any kink welcome! Comment here, please, just telling me you're interested--then PM me the fine details of what you need! First-come, first-serve. Paypal only, I'm afraid.


Thanks guys!



ADDENDUM: as always, though, I'm looking for requests of popular characters for my compromising pictures! Feel free to mention any characters you think need the royal treatment and I'll see what I can do! 


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2016-06-04 02:34:54

I love the 2 pieces you linked... but I'm drawing a serious blank on what I'd like, since I'm not into anything specific atm. Any ideas @sirundead (let's see if that still works)?