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Commission? Commission!

2016-03-22 19:26:35 by Paxil

I've got ONE slot open for an NSFW commission at the moment! Anyone interested?

$25 CND for a slice of this kind of action: (OH GOD are those links ever NSFW, be warned!)

You'll be getting a coloured digital painting of whomever you like--copyrighted character or not-- in my style. Two characters is OK, but please, no more than the pair (sorry, fans of the threesome!) Any kink welcome! Comment here, please, just telling me you're interested--then PM me the fine details of what you need! First-come, first-serve. Paypal only, I'm afraid.


Thanks guys!



ADDENDUM: as always, though, I'm looking for requests of popular characters for my compromising pictures! Feel free to mention any characters you think need the royal treatment and I'll see what I can do! 

Works in progresses are cool.

2013-07-21 23:43:54 by Paxil


This is going a little slower than I was hoping so I was hoping to boobillate--aah, titillate, I mean-- a bit because I`m needy and want attention. I`m also hoping that by sharing I wont arbitrarily abandon this drawing to sit and rot in my harddrive, because then I would look a right lemon if I showed off and then didn`t deliver.
Commission information? Some time. I have to sit down and think about prices, but I like to think that I'm fairly cheap. If you have any price suggestions, please share, I'm lonely.

Sorry. So far this has been a pretty crappy news post.

Works in progresses are cool.

Hey, guys. You like pinups? Of course you do. Everybody loves pinups. If you don't love pinups, you must be an alien or something (if you're a hot alien, call me, baby).
Anyways, are there any female video game characters you wanna see drawn in job-compromising, granny-gasping, I-was-young-and-needed-the-money positions? Just name 'em here. I'm kind of at a loss at the moment.


2013-05-29 21:00:55 by Paxil

I figure these post things are supposed to be all about me. I don't wanna hear about me, I wanna hear about you guys. How's everybody doing?